Sunday, April 14, 2013

Day of rest

Enjoying this book more that you will ever know!
Sometimes Sunday is meant to be just that a day of rest. A day of quiet. A day to sit in my porch and watch chickens scratch and to dig more grub worms out of the garden beds.

We had a busy Saturday. There was this thing about this book by a girl I know

Everything for Jerusalem's Homemade Hootenanny Book Launch party went great. And after it all I am very proficient at using a PayPal triangle swipy thing. But after it was all said and done and back at home we were quite wiped out. Today was a day to fill back up. And most of my life I've felt closer to god sitting in the woods or by a water edge than I've ever felt in a church house most Sundays.

I gave the garden beds a third going over. Still popping those nasty grubs out. I cornered an older farmer as he was delivering his goods to the Conway Locally Grown drop off at the church where I work. He encouraged me to go ahead and continue to pick them out when I see them but that he thought things should be ok. And Ben keeps trying to assure me that they were there last year but I never saw them. So here's hoping for the best.

Luke and I planted the okra seeds and we'll be getting some plants this evening. I still have one bed I haven't even touched because of the baby bunnies. Not sure if they are still there or even still alive but I'll give it another week and see. I'll be putting my beans and pumpkins in it. 

Sometimes a day of rest just means you don't leave the house. Sometimes it means you take your time to do things right and not feel rushed. Sometimes you spend the day trying to figure out how you can get a porch swing or hammock delivered.

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Lana88 said...

Yay for okra! And yuck for those nasty grubs. Hate those things. Thanks so much for sharing this post at my blog party! :)

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