Tuesday, April 23, 2013

In the corner

And happy to be!

I made it happen. I eked out a tiny little space for an art station.

With the help of Phoebe we wrestled my dad's old drafting table into the back if my van from mom's garage. She has been wanting me to take it for a long time I just never felt I had the room. Sometimes you're just overcome with determination to take action. I wasn't sure I had room. I wasn't sure Ben would be thrilled about another piece of furniture coming into the house. And not a dainty piece at that. 

I trudged my chest of drawers farther down the wall and squeezed dads table into the corner. So many memories of him drawing house plans or designing some building project  at that drafting table. There are still other things I need to find to make the space ideal. Maybe a shallow box shelf on the wall in front of it. I could stick paints and brushes and can of pencils and pens in it. All waiting to be used. And a light. I definitely need a good light in that corner. 

And much to my relief Ben was quite supportive of my new area. I had cleaned my side really well hoping to use that as a diversion tactic if needed. I think he was more befuddled by the cleaning. I'm not known for that.

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