Saturday, June 08, 2013


Dear Phoebe 
You're 13. And I'm proud and sometimes embarrassed to say you didn't fall far from the tree. Especially when you display some of my less than admirable traits. But you come by the take no guff attitude honestly and I wouldn't have it any other way. We both need to hone our powers for good and not evil. At almost 38 I'm finally learning. I hope you smarter and quicker to that fact than I was. 

You're sweet and kind (even to your brothers when you choose to be) and a good friend.  I like to think you got your loyalty streak from me as well.
You're nutty and I guess you come by that honestly too.  We'll just attribute that one to dad, how's that? You've always been an independant thinker.  I am trying to nremember to encourage that, even when you ideas don't follow inline with mine.

I love you sweetheart.

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Jerusalem Greer said...

Cannot believe she is 13. What a beautiful, funny, interesting gal she is. So glad I get to tag along for this journey!

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