Friday, June 07, 2013

Summer with a bang

We started summer with a bang. Crash. Boom. And another visit to the ER. This was not just an allergic reaction. This was the moment that a parent dreads. Your child is hurt. There's blood. Surgery is required. There is nothing not panic inducing about this situation. 

David had a lawn mower accident early Monday morning. It was a stupid mistake made out of complacency over the fact that you have always done it before and nothing has ever happen. But there's always that chance coming. 

He ended up losing the top of his middle finger on his right hand to the first knuckle. First, thank you God that it was only the end of a finger.  I thank you to everyone that checked up on us. Thank you to Cyndi that sent us a care package of snacks and the all important iPhone charger while we waited for his surgery to be over. Thank you for the divine intervention that the surgeon ended up being an old college friend of ours. And thank you dear Lord that he's healing. 

His first worry was whether he would be able to play football. They assured him he would. This injury is in no way physically debilitating. There are just a few things he will have to do differently. Mainly holding a pencil and not trying to look too vulgar while telling how he lost the end of his middle finger. 
I had so many people remark that I was being so calm about all of this. What they don't realize was it took me a good two hours after it happened to get to that point. I'm ashamed to say that after the initial shock of coming to the ER and being reassured of what was to come my adrenaline spike really left me hanging. Bad enough to the point that the ER staff insisted that I lay down somewhere before I pass out. And I can't say enough awesome things about the Conway Regional ER. Thank you to sweetest ER nurse that sent David  a get well card later that week.  

I'm so thankful for my children. I'm sorry sometimes it takes such a drastic event to make you aware of things that have always been right in front of your face. 

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