Sunday, June 16, 2013

Take me out

We were gifted with pretty good tickets to the Arkansas Travelers our minor league baseball team in North Little Rock. The boys love going to games with their dad and go fairly frequently.  They buy the cheap seats and sit on the bleachers near the beer garden.  Me on the other hand prefer the individual seats away from the obnoxiuous crowd (well less obnoxious than the bleacher section anyway). 

I like the idea of going to a game better than actually going to a game.  What I really like are movies about the sport.  Bull Durhum, Little big League, The Rookie.  These flicks have lured me in with an artificial affection for sitting through a game. And I always forget that until right around the 3rd inning. 

I prefer the sock look.  Makes me feel like I'm really watching a baseball game.

But I did enjoy myself.  I took my book but never actually resorted to opening it.  By the 7th inning I was praying that one team would score once just so that we wouldn't roll past that 9th inning in avoidance of a tied game.

When we lived in Monterey, CA many moons ago we would go see the A's play all the time in Oakland.  One game we attended had already made it into the 11th inning.  David was still a small baby and we had a trip home so we left before the game was over.  We got home and turned on the tv and low and behold after a two hour drive the game was still on!

So I was very thankful when at the bottom of the eighth the Travs hit a homer, the only score of the game.  I'd like to think they did it just for me.  Que the fireworks!

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