Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Back to school and the messy house

Yay!  It’s back to school time.  Everyone else in my family is finally back on a schedule.  There was much heavy sighing and gnashing of teeth.

But now I have to admit that I’m the one grousing about this whole back to school bit.  There isn’t anyone at home all day cleaning and doing laundry.  There isn’t an sweet little chat popping up on my computer screen letting me know that Luke made it past this REALLY really hard level on Epic Mickey or even the fervent text from Phoebe that one of her brothers wasn’t doing their job or was picking on her.  Yes, I even miss the tattle tale text.

Every year I confront our inability to plan for our house to be kept in a neat and ordered fashion.  Oh I’m not talking magazine quality.  No one is coming to my house to take pictures that’s for sure.  We live there.  It isn't a museum.  But a certain amount of living requires a certain level of organization.  

I was not born with it.  Although I can organize the intangible. Schedules, how an event should flow, the wibbly wobby timey wimey of the 10th Doctor’s seasons and whether he crossed his own timeline and made certain seasons null and void.  I got that.  But things I actually have to find a place for.  And then getting the 4 other like minded humans in the house to agree that yes that is where that will go.  Well let’s just say that involves a lot of heavy sighing and gnashing of the teeth as well.

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