Saturday, August 03, 2013

Peachy keen

Sometimes you just want dessert.  Sometimes you just want dessert instead of dinner.  And you want a GOOD dessert not just the ice crystal covered ice cream sandwich you hid behind the frozen black bananas. That's when I have to whip up a one-cup cobbler.

Arkansas peaches

A one-cup cobbler can be made with any fruit.  Fresh, frozen, canned, dried or even no fruit. The recipe makes a very tasty moist dense cake that's great with ice cream and coffee.  I had some Arkansas peaches that were needing to be eaten.  I was very excited to see these in my local Harp's grocery store.  I love to see local produce in the stores.

Peach Cobbler ingredients

Gather your ingredients.
1 stick of butter
      (YES! You could use less if you really wanted  but why?  I wouldn't suggest using less than half a stick though)
1 egg
1 cup flour (War Eagle Mill whole white wheal flour featured here)
1 cup milk (Memory Lane Dairy: more on them in a later post)
1 cup sugar
1 cup fruit (or not)

cream cheese

Here's where I went a little off road.  I added about half a block of cream cheese.  Why? you might ask. Why NOT?!

peaches in butter

Melt your butter in a small baking dish (You can double the recipe for a 9x13).  Layer your fruit in the bottom of the dish.  Mix all the other ingredients together.  I melted the cream cheese slightly so that it would mix well with the batter.  Now pour the batter over the fruit and butter.  Stir lightly.  Bake in a 400 degree oven for 30 minutes.

cute coffee cup

A cup of coffee while you wait.

bubbly peach cobbler

Now take it out and sprinkle with sugar then pop it back under the broiler.  Just a couple of minutes still it starts to brown and crust up.  Serve with ice cream, heavy cream or whipped cream if you like.  This quick and super easy dessert hits the spot and satisfies that sweet tooth craving.

one cup peach cobbler with ice cream

SHhhhhhhh.  I'm on my 4th serving.


Debbie Arnold said...

Loved this! I know exactly how you feel about just wanting dessert sometimes. I could go from appetizer straight to dessert lots of times:)

Anonymous said...

This looks amazing! Cream cheese sounds like a GREAT addition! I'll have to try that with the peaches from my trees! :) :) ~Amber

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