Saturday, September 14, 2013


While I wait......

I've spent a crazy amount of time in Starbucks today. A three hour coffee date this morning with Liz. And when you take the back roads to get to the Starbucks that is half in between the both of us, make sure your tank isn't on empty. And that you know the way. 

Tonight I am biding my time at Starbucks. I'm waiting. For a movie to end. That I am not watching obviously. Im waiting out my gig as chauffeur while my oldest is on a date.  Am I ready for this? No.

I hate it when the smell of cleaners overpowers the senses.  I guess I should be glad. That means they are cleaning. Right?  But I come here mostly for the overpowering comforting smell of coffee. And the wifi. 

Weirdness. Guy next to me asked if I would watch his computer and things while he ran to the restroom.  Apparently I look "trustworthy" and if any one comes to mess with his things could I scare them away. Apparently I look scary too....  Note to self brush hair and don't wear the Doctor Who shirt with the Mr. Rogers' sweater next time.  

Anyway. For all my hard work, because you know sitting here, sipping my iced americano, occasionally glancing at his research paper is quite exhausting. But for all my hard work I was thanked and offered a Lisa Frank sticker as a reward. 

Yes, you read that correctly. Lisa Frank. With the kittens and the rainbows. 
I declined. They scare me a bit.  Sort of like the cats on the walls in Dolores Umbridges' office.  

Cue the Stevie Nicks to wash away the awkwardness still hanging in the air. "She is dancing away from me now."

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