Saturday, October 12, 2013

Irish cream- Southern style

There's a slight chill in the night air.  Just perfect for nights around the fire pit counting the stars as they come out and watching the coals pulsing in the dark.  These are the nights for warm drinks.  Apple Cider.  Hot Chocolate.  Steaming Coffee. 
These are the nights I wish I would quit forgetting to buy that bottle of Irish Cream.  So yesterday afternoon I decided that I could probably come up with my own recipe.  We did have bourbon at the house left over from my latest drunk jelly.  Bourbon is whiskey.  Irish Cream is made with Irish whiskey, right?
So I compiled a few different recipes and came up with a quick and easy recipe that I like to call Southern Cream.

Southern Cream Recipe

1 can sweetened condensed milk
1 cup or the small carton of heavy cream (or light cream or half and half)
2 tbsps instant coffee crystals
2 tbsps chocolate syrup
1 tsp vanilla flavoring
1-2 cups of Bourbon (you can make the call here)
Most of the recipes recommended putting all of the ingredients into a blender.  Seeing as I have no blender I poured everything into a large Mason jar.  I figured I could just tighten the lid down good and shake it for all it was worth.  And it's in its own storage container too.  No blender to clean.  

Southern Cream is great in your coffee, hot chocolate, poured over ice cream, or in a glass with some ice cubes.  I'm sure it's also delightful as seen pictured in this pin from Pinterest that's making all the rounds. 

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Debbie Arnold said...

I made some of my own last year and used Irish whiskey --- a tad pricey --- but good! I don't really drink it, but it works really well in recipes. Some of my buddies were only too happy to take the "extra" off of my hands. I'm thinking of making it for some Christmas gifties this year. Just need to find some cool bottles.

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