Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Walk toward knowledge

My first class on webdesign was great.

But wow!  There is a whole lot of truth behind the low numbers of females in computer science.  Out of six students, I was the only female.  Now I have never been shocked to be the only "girl" (I use that term loosely because at 38 my "girliness" has long since past) in a group.  And maybe we can attribute this to the fact that it was an outreach class not an actual college credit class.

Either way I'm loving this adventure.  Maybe this is my metaphorical walk for Alison Chino's #48walks series.  I'm walking toward knowledge.

During my time at the library I considered going back to school to get an MLS.  After taking the GRE and I left a mess with my brain running out my ears I wasn't sure that going back to college was right for me.  After all it has been 15 years since I've been to any kind of class.

But learning this.  It's so applicable.  I can see the results of my learning.  And it's something I deal with every day.

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