Thursday, February 13, 2014

Wishing out my window

Dare we dream that winter is waning?  In Arkansas we've learned that the only thing we can count on with the weather is change.  This past past week's predictions left event he professionals baffled, throwing their hands int he air, resigning themselves to the fact that they really don't know.

But today the sun is shining and while the temp on my weather app only reads 4 degrees above freezing, I'm filled with the hope of spring.

And I'm sure that hope will be dashed.  It wouldn't be the first and certainly not the last, but I keep on waiting for spring ans hoping it will be sooner that later.

I'm starting to plan this year's garden.  As with last year's I'm battling my chronic habit of over planting.  I dream big.  I have visions of canning and freezing and drying.  Freezing was my last resort last year and I still have bag of peppers waiting to be turned into jelly.  I's really hard to plan for this year with last summers bounty still sitting int he freezer.

Maybe I'll plan a canning party.   Maybe it will just be a party of one.


Kim Herrington said...

I miss having a garden. One of the many reasons why I hate apartment living! Count me in for a canning party if you give me fresh tomatoes and basil.

Jeanetta Darley said...

Sure thing Kim. Also St. Peter's will have community garden plots available come spring. You should look at getting one.

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