Sunday, March 30, 2014

I need a moment

There's that line from Tim Burton's Alice in wonderland where she's just been confronted with an unexpected betrothal and pressure from many people.

Alice breaths out the phrase "I need a moment" as if it was her last and dashes off into the garden. Of course that mad dash leads her to falling head over heels down a rabbit hole into a world that doesn't make sense. 

But as Sunday is ending and Monday is looming and I never got a smudge of spring break to speak of all I can think of is...... "I need a moment!"

A moment with no one around me. A moment to work in my garden. A moment to have a conversation with myself. A moment to finish the brick veneer wall in the living room. A moment to scream. A moment where no one wants anything. A moment of silence. 

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