Monday, March 10, 2014

This day has been saved

Happy Daylight Saving Time, which means....... It's baby goat time again.  Not just at The Darley Farm but all over the goat loving world.

This is our newest member of the herd.

Patches had a little boy Sunday morning.  We had Luke's birthday party on Saturday and felt sure that all of the kids were going to get a lesson they wouldn't soon forget in child birthing.

Pickles is still very pregnant and looks very miserable just like a human momma in the last stages.  We are sure she will at least have twins.  I am nervous and hope to be around when she does go into labor just because she had so much trouble last year.  We still have her baby Snowball with us from last year.  He was wethered last season and still keeps pretty close to mom.  It will be interesting to see if that all changes once the new babies arrive.

Try as I have I'm just not a fan of the taste of goat meat.  And I'm not saying this because they are too cute and I couldn't bare the thought of eating them.  I'm just not a fan of the flavor.  So what are we to do with all of these goats that we keep acquiring?  I'm dreaming of Angoras and Ben is looking into a milking machine.  I must say that I do LOVE goat cheese and have found that goat milk soap is the best around for a facial cleanser.  And it does pretty good on the hair as well.  Maybe that is in the horizon.  We will have our own little Beekman 1802.  Not sure when Ben will find the time to do all the milking.  

Speaking of the Beekmans.  I am every so lucky to have signed up to beta test their baby goat cam.  Can I just say it's the cutest this around.  I just got to see Farmer John come in and tie up a light higher that the babies kept swinging like a pinata.  When they are all awake it's like watching a baby goat pinball machine or a baby goat version of the West Side Story as they dance down the street.  Baby goat parkour!  The Beekman baby goat cam will be live to the public hopefully sometime this week.  So stay tuned.  I promise there is nothing that will brighten your Monday morning like a stall full of baby goats.

In the mean time take a look at their slide show of babies.

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