Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day Off

So my family has finally usurped my reign over the remote today in honor of Mother’s Day.  They have had enough of non stop HGTV/DIY’s Rehab Addict & Salvage Dawgs and I only got a little ways into the Alaska: The Last Frontier’s Mother’s Day Marathon.  So I have been relegated to the top of Luke’s bunk bed for my solitude.  I guess Ben is right: if it isn't something I want to watch there’s no way I’m staying in the room.  

But today was a fine day.  In fact my whole Mother’s Day weekend was a smashing success.  Mom took the kids on Friday and I was able to spend Saturday working in the garden, and pretty much staying at home by myself.  Which I never get to do.  There’s is always some one here.

Mom and I broke with tradition and instead of heading out on our Mother’s Day shopping and junking spree we opted for Ben and the kids to cook for us.  I picked out a new rose bush for myself and put together a lavender arrangement for mom.  We have both been on a paring down kick.  So buying her “a thing” would really be defeating that purpose. I recently bought myself a huge lavender plant and I knew she loved the smell.  So fragrant.  So relaxing.  And what mother doesn't need something to help her do that.

The arrangement was a cinch to put together.  I bought a nice pot in a light green color I knew she would like, 3 lavender  plants from the herb section and a bag of potting soil.  

I got a larger container because I wanted to give them room to spread out but the 3 plants were looking rather sparse in the big pot.  So I picked up a couple of larger quartz rocks from the garden and grabbed some seashells and other beach finds to decorate and fill the pot.  I was rather happy with the way it turned out and mom was so excited. 

After more than just one helping of the dessert spread we adjourned to the yard.  Me to pull some weeds and finish placing the squash plants and her to snap pictures of our lush green yard and the roses that are popping out everywhere.

So we like to turn Mother’s Day into Mother’s Day Off.  A chance to lay around and watch our TV shows.  Or a chance to take care of all those things you enjoy doing but never have time.  A day to not have to serve as a taxi cab, short order cook, chief bottle washer or hostile situation negotiator.

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Leslie Berg said...

Love it! Miss and love you both!

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