Monday, June 02, 2014

Drawing from boredom

It's June and we've had so much rain I have actually heard Arkansans say they didn't care how hot it would get they just wanted to see the sun.  I recall that scene in Forest Gump where he lists all the different kinds of rain.

big ole rain

little bitty stinging rain

sideways rain

It was a long cold winter that everyone was ready to crawl out from under only to be driven back inside and hope we hadn't wasted those cold months by not building an ark for spring instead of pouring over seed catalogs.  I think we are all bored for the most part. 

My boredom drove me to unbury my drafting table.  Yes the rain drove me to clean.  Off went the pillows and bags of tangled yarn and discarded cardigans.  Out came my sketch books and scratch paper and pencils.

I'm finding myself here most evenings.  Last year I was determined to bring my artistic skills back into my daily routine but fail miserably in that discipline.  The best I could muster was a doodle every now and then.  I was an art student in college and it's odd to think how that drawing and painting encompassed my days 20 years ago hardly crosses my mind now.  But I'm here for the moment and it feels good.

I'm not cloistering myself away.  The door is open for that wondering child who is bored as well and I do venture out for this and that but seem to find myself drawn to the drafting table.

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