Sunday, June 08, 2014

Waiting - home for sale

This morning it's raining yet again.  It's Sunday and the kids are still with grandma.  We've worked at breakneck speed the last few days getting our old house downtown ready for an open house showing today.  I painted the upper cabinets white while Ben installed a new light fixture ans worked on some much needed curb appeal.

We have been renting out this house for the past four years since we moved to the woods.  That was never our intent but with the market like it was at the time selling it just never happened.

In the past four years we have refinished the floors twice, laid tile, painted more times that i want to count, and now the cabinets.  IF you rent please notify your landlord of any and all  water leaks and for God's sake please don't let your children play with sharpies unsupervised.  And it is common courtesy to ask your landlord before installing a satellite dish, drilling holes in the original hard wood floors and cutting down a tree so you get better reception.

Needless to say I am done being one half of the renter/landlord relationship.

And then you look around at your hard work and continually kick yourself because you didn't do all these improvements while you lived there.  We have tried not to make those mistakes in our new house but as soon as we got about halfway into a number of projects the old house came calling.  Paying two mortgages does not a home improvement friendly budget make.  So there is exposed concrete in a bathroom longing for tile ans an unfinished brick wall behind the fireplace waiting.


But if you know of someone looking to more to downtown Conway, AR, I know a very quiet street close to schools and nice restaurants.  Take a look at this link of give Kelley Chism a call and ask her about the Cross Street house.

(The links could still have the old pictures of the old dark stained cabinets.  I think the new paint makes quite a difference.)

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Jamie said...

Cute house! My parents have been landlords for decades so I totally get the "don't be a destructive idiot when you rent" thing.

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